The early congregation was formed in 1955 and met for worship in Hunter Street, off Sandy Row.  The late Eric McCullough pastored the congregation in a lay capacity, succeeded by Billy Wilson who became the first full time minister at Hunter Street.

Under the leadership of Pastor Stanley Herron the congregation moved to rented premises above a bakery in Marlborough Park, off the Lisburn Road.  The Lord blessed this faithful group of believers and added to the church new converts.

The need for a building of their own to worship in was realized when in 1979 a Free Presbyterian church on the Glenburn Road went up for sale and was purchased by Pastor Herron and the congregation.








This meant that the Churches of God in Ireland had a permanent building in South Belfast for its local church congregation to meet and preach the gospel.  After long service with his congregation Pastor Herrons ministry took on an international dimension, so Brother Ian Fairley, a faithful elder, took charge at Dunmurry Church Of God for a few years.  The call of God then led him to Ballymoney Church OF God as assistant minister to Pastor Taylor.  Brother Alan Comfort from the Glenmachan Church Of God accepted the challenge to shepherd the flock on a part time basis.  This he did faithfully for 7 years until in 1992 Pastor David Spence a youth Pastor at Glenmachan Church Of God was installed as the full time minister.

In 2001, the church building was extended and refurbished, the work, which was undertaken by Pastor Spence and the congregation was completed 1 year later.  This self-build project meant a considerable financial saving.  The architects estimate for the building work was 250,000, but with work carried out by the Pastor and members of the congregation, the actual cost was 100,000.  The beautiful sanctuary and extension have been a great blessing to the congregation and community and by God's grace, they intend to take this work forward for the glory of God.