Pastor David Spence


Pastor David Spence was born in South Belfast in the year 1955 to William and Margaret Spence.  As a family they attended the Shankill Road Church Of God.  A lively Pentecostal church under the ministry of Church Of God co-founder the late J.I. Forsythe.  His parents were actively involved in their local church, his father being one of the elders.

At the age of 10 his family moved to East Belfast, there he completed his education and went into the skilled profession of Saw Doctoring.  His teenage years were spent away from church life, at a time when the province was going through civil unrest and on the brink of civil war.  Faced with the growing threat from the I.R.A and a need to defend his family David joined a paramilitary group formed to protect the community.  Membership of this illegal organisation and a misguided ideology led him into prison in 1974 for 3 years for possession of weapons.

It was in prison, through the witness of a group of converted prisoners who openly preached the gospel that David found Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.  During his short time in political prison, God worked in his heart and he felt the call of God.  This was realised after his early release from prison in 1976, when he married his fiancee of 4 years who had faithfully stood by him during those difficult times.  David along with his wife Hilary, who came to Christ in 1976, joined Strandtown Church Of God.
































It was among the young people of the church and the community that he made a great impact.  This ministry was officially recognised after 6 years as youth leader when along with his wife and co-worker he was ordained as youth Pastor in 1982.

His ministry at Strandtown and Glenmachan Church Of God for 10 years was blessed of God and many were added to the church.  The youth work was one of the largest in the city at that time and was recognised by government youth councils as a template for success.  Attendance's often reaching 200 young people on a Staurday night.  To the glory of God many of those converts are actively involved as elders and leaders of the Glenmachan Church.  David will always be indebted to Pastor J.A.Connolly and the late Pastor E.B.McCullough, his friends and colleagues for their Godly influence and example in his life.

In 1992 Pastor David and Hilary were inducted as the leaders of Dunmurry Church Of God.  This small assembly has seen good growth over the past 14 years and a healthy church has been established for God's glory.  Brother and Sister Spence have served the Lord faithfully for 30 years; there have been many challenges and many blessings.  The recent completion of their extensive building program reinforces their commitment to extend the kingdom of God at Dunmurry.