Mission Africa


We have made it our aim for many years  to support those who work
in the mission field and help those local Pastors in foreign lands
to spread the gospel with financial help and by our prayers. 

Pastor Samuel Yaldia  from Burkena Faso came to Northern Ireland in
2000 to study at the Belfast Bible Collage. While studying at the
collage he started worshipping with us at our church, and after a
short time it became clear that a deep and meaningful friendship had
begun. Over the next three years we learned much about Samuel's country
and his ministry and being lead by the Lord our oversight made the
decision to work with him to extend God's Kingdom.







Through freewill
offerings, fund raisers and sponsorship we have been employing a full
time minister to work with Samuel and helping fund his church and newly built school.
Around 2005 while Samuel was back in N. Ireland we introduced him
to Richard Gunning who heads up R.T.U. ( Reach The Unreached ) and
together they planned two evangelistic rallies in Burkena Faso.

I went along with Ritchard on his first campaign their, which was a great success.
The success of these rallies opened up the country for nation wide
campaigns and so far there have been almost a dozen gospel crusades
reaching ten's of thousands. Thousands giving their hearts to the
lord and many being healed. More rallies are being planned in the
future and with God's blessing there will be continued success. It
gives us great satisfaction to see how from small beginnings this
work has progressed into a great work.